CRPF full form

CRPF Full Form – All Details About CRPF

Hello friends, you are welcome in our post today, in which I will tell you the full form of CRPF. What is CRPF ? , how to get admitted in CRPF. I will give every information related to CRPF.
Many of you must have heard the name of CRPF but if you do not know the full form of it then today I will tell you the full form of CRPF.

What is CRPF – CRPF Full Form 

crpf full form
                                           CRPF full form

Friends CRPF is full form Central Reserve Police Force . which we also know as Central Reserve Police Force, is a kind of Paramilitary Force which is the largest in Central Police Force.When there is any kind of attack inside our country like any attack, law point, country’s security, state and union’s state, terrorism activity. then CRPF is the first to stop and handle this growing activity lives.

CRPF Full Form  – Central Reserve Police Force

How to become an CRPF officer


crpf full form
 CRPF full form

Friends CRPF was formed on 27 July 1939. in the name of Crown Representative Police, but when our country was liberated from the British, on 28 December 1949 it was renamed as Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF). so now we are also known as CRPF Know.
Friends CRPF is a central paramilitary force whose headquarters are located in New Delhi. this force is not under any government, so it can be sent under any circumstances in the country of India.
The CRPF works under the Ministry of Home Affairs of India, so all decisions of this force also take central government, besides this force is mostly kept in a state with terrorism and Naxalites, so that our jawans can give them some answers.


crpf full form
  CRPF full form

Traning center

The training of CRPF personnel is also made very dangerous. apart from this, when the soldiers come through any new recruitment in this force. they are also sent to the CRPF Trening Center located in different states.
Where the best training coaches of our country tell, them about everything and tell them different ways of coping with every activity, so that our soldiers with all their strength face peace and maintain peace in their country.

How to join CRPF 

crpf full form
   CRPF full form

Friends, if you also have the desire to become a military, then all of you can also join your Indian Army i.e. CRPF . but before that you will have to know about how you can join the Indian Army, what to do for it Reads.
To know all these things, you kept reading this post of our CRPF Full Form so that through this post, you can gain a good knowledge and can make a dent in the soil of this country and the enemies of India.

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How to Join CRPF
Friends to join CRPF, you will have to check the Indian Army website Join Indian Army constantly, because whenever a recruitment comes for the Indian Army, the notification of that vacancy is first updated on this website.
Apart from this, tell you that to get selected in this, you have to pass three stages, in which you will get the Written Exam, Physical Exam, Medical, Interview when you pass these three steps one by one, for your CRPF jawan. Will be selected .

Exams for  (CRPF)

Now, everybody understands the exam closely one by one.

crpf full form
CRPF full form

Written Examination 

When you apply for CRPF, you will first have to go through the Written Exam, when you have completed this step then you will be sent for the next step.

Physical Examination

 All the children who have passed their first stage i.e. Writtern Exam, now have to pass the second stage i.e. Physical Examination, in which you will have to complete 100 meters race, apart from this you have to jump 5 meters and 3 meters long. And there is a high jump of 5 meters.
When you have completed all these things according to the given time, then you will be considered to pass the physical test and you will be sent for further medical tests.

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Most Point

Friends, what I have told you about physically, even though it may be less to hear, but when you prepare, then you will know how difficult it is to become a military because a military who is currently standing on the border and serving the country. They have also, to complete this stock, must have put a burden on their whole life.

Physical exam

You will find this 100 meter ride, but those who want to do something for this country, do not ask the rope, but it is the way of their life which will give them an opportunity to become a hero in this country’s hero in times to come.

When a soldier meditates with the dream that he has to do everything in the service of India, he wakes up at 3 in the night and starts several kilometer meters so that his main 100 meters of the stock is at the right time. Could come.
When you and our family are sleeping in peace, a soldier leaves his bed and drinks a glass of water and comes out to the running ground, apart from when we hang out with our friends and housemates in the afternoon. When watching a movie or TV, a soldier prepares for his written examination by bringing a book from his money.

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Now we will tell you that if you want to become a military then you will have to give up everything because in order to become a military you have to pay many times, for this, you never met any army and asked them, Sir to get this position. For how much money, what things have been done by which you are giving your support in the service of this country.
Then a soldier will tell you his truth, which will make your soul cry.

Medical exam

Friends, when you pass the physical examination, then you will be sent for medical examination, in this one, your body will be examined upper and inner, when you go to give your medical, then you check your body completely, because Most of the people remain in this examination.
Therefore, before going to the medical exam, you should know this thing from someone, what do we read in medical, so that you are not removed from this medical examination.
When you go to clear your exam one by one, then you understand that now that the pride that you had in order to get this floor is coming.


When you pass the physical exam, after that you will be called for an interview, where many of the CRPF officers will ask you some questions and tell you before going into this exam.
When you go to give your interview, then you should keep yourself absolutely positive, you should also ask the officer to answer the question correctly and without any disturbance, apart from this, the most important thing is that you do not lie a word on it because when you If you lie to make yourself look right, then the officer sitting there will immediately catch you and then you will turn around and get the truth out of you.

That is why you never lie in your interview and by answering all your questions with the right, bring a fearlessness inside you, after that you will pass this exam on your own.
When you pass all these exams, then your selection will be done in CRPF and you will become an army soldier.

CRPF Eligibility

Friends, if you want to make a career in CRPF, then you first know its eligibility because when you know about it then you will be able to start your career easily and on time.
Friends, for joining the CRPF, your minimum age should be 20 years and maximum age is 25 years, apart from this you will get 5 years age relaxation for SC / ST and 3 years age relaxation for OBC.
Now if you are a student and your age is out of the eligibility mentioned above, then you too can apply yourself and apply yourself in the service of this country.


Friends, till now you know about CRPF full form in Hindi and CRPF kya hai, now you are going to give some of your opinion which will help you to know that you are CRPF Kaise join kare.
Friends, it is not so easy to become a youth, to become a young person, you have to sacrifice your everything first and have to pay a lot of money, when you have to take two times more than the weight of your body, then you will have the power to do race inside yourself. Will find.

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